An 80 square meter mural commissioned by the Church Road Town team, funded by Bristol City Council. The design was informed by community engagement workshops, helping us to respond to local residents/businesses wishes. The design incorporates images relating to local areas, such as parks, cafes, festivals and also some of the local history, such as the trams.    

This mural transformed the play area for the children at St George Pre School. Working in collaboration with Zoe Power, a colourful woodland scene, was painted using oil based paints. 

A mural for Wonderfields Festival 2018 with a subtle environmental message. The Orangutan is under threat due to the destruction of the rainforest. This has been caused primarily by human activity (intense illegal logging, conversion of forest to palm oil plantations and timber estates, mining, clearing forest for settlements and road construction). 

A mural, painted live for Wildscreen Festival in Bristol, inspired by the documentary 'Chasing Coral'. It beautifully captures the devastation of the coral reef. This is depicted in the bottom grey section of the mural, which shows what happens when the algae leaves the coral as the temperature of the water increases. 

This exterior wall measures 6 x 3 meters. Commissioned by the Life of Breath Project, Sophie led workshops with pupils at Shirehampton Primary School to find out what they thought about breathlessness. The final design was based on the outcome of these workshops.